Photograph Geoffrey Williamson/Edit Jennifer Hoffman

Photograph Geoffrey Williamson/Edit Jennifer Hoffman

Guiding Services:

Third Coast Birding offers half-day and full-day guided explorations of the bird life in the greater Chicago area. Tours are designed to serve the interests of the client, whether that is to get introduced to the birds of the region, to learn about and observe birds and nature, or to see particular target species.  We strive to make every adventure educational about the birds we observe and the environment in which they live, as well as about skills and techniques for finding and observing birds. Our goal is to provide a supportive and respectful environment for experiencing birds in nature.

The guiding fee for a full-day tour for one to three persons is $360. The rate for a half-day tour is $200. Transportation is not included and should be provided by the client. A "day" constitutes the period from sunrise to sunset.  


Presentations and Workshops:

Geoff Williamson of Third Coast Birding has delivered a variety of lectures and workshops on birds and birding.  Please contact us if you have interest in scheduling a presentation. Some topics of recent talks and workshops include the following.

  • Birding by Ear
  • Holistic Bird Identification, with Warblers as a Case Study
  • Flycatchers of Illinois and Their Identification
  • Reporting Rare Birds: How to Do It and What's in It for You
  • Shorebird Identification Workshop

We are also open to developing new presentations on topics of your interest.